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What follows is a list of main links to this sections of the site. If you wish to skip this you can go to main content.

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Your quick guide to RBSelect

Why do we have RBSelect?

Designed for you, by you. Our lives and needs differ, and change over time. RBSelect is about choice and flexibility, and the opportunity to save money. It allows you to elect the benefits you want - tailoring Your Reward package to suit your lifestyle and making your money go further.

You benefit in two ways:

  • Negotiating power – many savings result from discounts RBS has negotiated with providers for employees.
  • Tax and National Insurance savings – because benefits are offered through RBSelect, some carry generous Tax and National Insurance/Social Security /PRSI savings.

How RBSelect works

You use your ValueAccount (this is your salary and benefit funding) to elect the RBSelect benefits that are right for you. By doing this, you choose how you want to receive Your Reward – all in cash, or a combination of cash and benefits. Any RBSelect charges are then deducted from your ValueAccount automatically each month.

New Joiners
New Joiner

If you’re a new Group employee, you have three months from when you join to elect the benefits that are right for you. Just look out for the *N* symbol on the information pages for each benefit.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save because your next chance won’t come up until the next Annual Renewal for most benefits. There are a few benefits that you can only elect at Annual Renewal - options like Health Assessment and Holiday - Buy. This is because the RBSelect charge must be collected over a 12 month period.

Annual Renewal

Every year in August/September you have the opportunity to make and change elections. New benefits are often added during this Annual Renewal period too, so look out for details.

RBSelect Anytime

There are some RBSelect benefits you can make savings with all year round, like shopping vouchers. Look out for the *A* symbol for RBSelect Anytime.

Lifestyle Events

After your initial election opportunity when you join the Group, you’ll only be able to change some elections at Annual Renewal, unless you have a Qualifying Lifestyle Event. See important information for more details.

Making your Elections

These pages provide full information on each product. Spend time looking at the details before electing your benefits to make sure they’re right for you. When you’re ready to elect, just go straight to Your Reward online.

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